In The Train Station

In The Train Station By, Francisco Alfredo Lopez

The glow of the morning sun shines brightly on the tracks and the gates that signal when the train arrives the parking lot is still vast and empty as it is still quite early for some of the travelers heading to their destinations some go to work, some go to school and some just go for fun.
The local coffee shop and the nearby supermarket is preparing for an always busy day getting ready to give the morning commuters their needed daily dose of the Morning Joe and a sweet donut make to make their trip an enjoyable one the newspaper rack close by is immediately emptied by the people that are curious to read about the news and world events to have something interesting to bring up in a conversation or some just to get a coupon for the deal of the day. A commuter walks towards the railroad tracks with his steaming cup of coffee so hot that one can see the white smoke in the cold morning air getting ready to go to the city and earn his daily dollar the railroad gate starts to ring its loud bell as the train arrives at the train station all the commuters line up and board the train as quickly as possible as the conductor yells all aboard and the train slowly starts to move as it begins to leave the station getting ready to go on its next destination.

Copyright ©2014 Francisco Alfredo Lopez

The Alamo

The Alamo  By, Francisco Alfredo Lopez

The blue sky breaking through the white clouds
as the sun shines on a small church casting its
shadow on a desert sandy trail
moments later several cowboys ride in
with their horses to visit the small Texas town
and the wind begins to blow dirt and dust all around
the sheriff comes out to see what is going on
then heads back into the jail to do more work
while over at the bar the bartender serves drinks
all around while the customers are having fun
and enjoyment can be found
it is just another ordinary day in a little Texas town
that is destine to grow into a very special place
we call the Alamo.

Copyright ©2012  Francisco Alfredo Lopez

The Fast Stallion

The Fast Stallion  By, Francisco Alfredo Lopez

Through the hills and mountains near an
old country farm the wooded fence broken
with no gate at all and just green grass and
weeds decorate the lonely barn and home
but out from the barn door runs out a young horse
brown in color and quick as a whip
runs across the fields and into the hills to get some
water then returns to eat some grass and hay
before preparing to be a race horse during the day
he runs and strides around the track so many
times for anybody to count but at a speed
that it appears he is flying through the air
the jockey on top of him pats him on the back
telling him that he is ready and almost there
because one day he will be the fastest stallion
on the race track everywhere.

Copyright ©2012  Francisco Alfredo Lopez

The Lake in the Valley

The Lake in the Valley  By, Francisco Alfredo Lopez

One clear and beautiful day where the sky
is as blue as a bluebirds head with the
shining hot sun pointing it rays all over the hills
and the mountains
the trees all looking so young, fresh and
healthy with all the green colored leaves
embracing them and the birds making their
nests and homes on them
in the middle of the forest there is a large
lake of water where the fish and the other
animals go to swim and eat any food
they find there sometimes boats of fishermen
visit to see if they can conjure up some fish
or other creatures for their morning catch
the scenery of the brown colored mountains
and the green colored forest gives it an
ultimate view that is not only heavenly but
also unforgettable that is why the
Lake in the Valley is a very special place to all.

Copyright ©2012  Francisco Alfredo Lopez

A Busy Street

A Busy Street  By, Francisco Alfredo Lopez

The ray of the morning sun begins to
come through the buildings and the skyline
the street lights start to instantly turn off
as the sun’s heat and energy touches them
a crowd of people gather at the coffee shop
as it opens for business serving the needed
caffeine that will get the energy pumping
for a very long and hard workday
the newspaper stands just finishes getting
the latest issue to start selling as a line of
readers form to start buying it
the cars and buses of traffic move quickly
up and down the busy street taking people
to their jobs where they earn their
hard earning money
it appears that it will be another busy day
in a very busy downtown street.

Copyright ©2012  Francisco Alfredo Lopez

The Adventure of Banana Sam

The Adventure of Banana Sam  By, Francisco Alfredo Lopez

One morning the cage appears empty
the squirrel monkey has disappeared
maybe he went to go visit or sight see
or to find romance who knows where,
Banana Sam we miss you and wish
you were back at the zoo
because when you are not here the
whole place and everybody is sad and blue
oh how great he just went away to the park
a few days and was found up a tree
when he was asked what had happened
he said someone had stolen me
but I am glad to be back and really
glad to be home because Banana Sam
is my name and the zoo is where I will roam.

Copyright ©2012  Francisco Alfredo Lopez