In The Train Station

In The Train Station By, Francisco Alfredo Lopez

The glow of the morning sun shines brightly on the tracks and the gates that signal when the train arrives the parking lot is still vast and empty as it is still quite early for some of the travelers heading to their destinations some go to work, some go to school and some just go for fun.
The local coffee shop and the nearby supermarket is preparing for an always busy day getting ready to give the morning commuters their needed daily dose of the Morning Joe and a sweet donut make to make their trip an enjoyable one the newspaper rack close by is immediately emptied by the people that are curious to read about the news and world events to have something interesting to bring up in a conversation or some just to get a coupon for the deal of the day. A commuter walks towards the railroad tracks with his steaming cup of coffee so hot that one can see the white smoke in the cold morning air getting ready to go to the city and earn his daily dollar the railroad gate starts to ring its loud bell as the train arrives at the train station all the commuters line up and board the train as quickly as possible as the conductor yells all aboard and the train slowly starts to move as it begins to leave the station getting ready to go on its next destination.

Copyright ©2014 Francisco Alfredo Lopez