A Busy Street

A Busy Street  By, Francisco Alfredo Lopez

The ray of the morning sun begins to
come through the buildings and the skyline
the street lights start to instantly turn off
as the sun’s heat and energy touches them
a crowd of people gather at the coffee shop
as it opens for business serving the needed
caffeine that will get the energy pumping
for a very long and hard workday
the newspaper stands just finishes getting
the latest issue to start selling as a line of
readers form to start buying it
the cars and buses of traffic move quickly
up and down the busy street taking people
to their jobs where they earn their
hard earning money
it appears that it will be another busy day
in a very busy downtown street.

Copyright ©2012  Francisco Alfredo Lopez

New York a tribute to the Big Apple

New York a tribute to the Big Apple  By, Francisco Alfredo Lopez

The Statue of Lady Liberty overlooking the
Empire State Building the streets filled
with all kinds of New Yorkers who do not sleep
and keep the big city running and going
across the water one would see the famous
Brooklyn Bridge connecting New York City
to Brooklyn then there are the subways
that also connect to Manhattan to catch
a famous Broadway show or a game at
Yankee Stadium and then there is the
connection to Flushing to catch a game at
Shea Stadium back in downtown NYC there is
Times Square where the heart of the Big Apple
is with stores, restaurants, and people
lots of people showing the world that New York
will continue to flourish and shine New York
may you continue to be the apple of our eyes.

Copyright ©2012  Francisco Alfredo Lopez

San Francisco a tribute to the city

San Francisco a tribute to the city  By, Francisco Alfredo Lopez

The buildings along the streets so tall and
high that it appears that they touch the sky
at nightfall some buildings light up giving
a beautiful view from near and far
the famous cable cars rolling up and down
those deep San Francisco hills and ringing
those famous cable car bells filled with
visitors from all over trying to get a
touch and taste of California
down by the wharf and pier, shops decorate
the port area where boats sail in and out
passing under the Golden Gate a breathtaking view
the splendor of downtown filled with cars
and the bustle of people going to work
in the center of it all a building with a
golden rotunda beautiful as can be it is city hall
There is no doubt that this is a beautiful city
that makes the world want to see
with a culture so different and diverse.

Copyright ©2012  Francisco Alfredo Lopez

A Foggy Bridge

A Foggy Bridge  By, Francisco Alfredo Lopez

The morning sun rises and so does the thick
fog that covers the entire city as well as
the golden orange bridge that connects all
the cities together you drive on a steep hill
looking for the bridge but you can only
see the top of it then you drive towards it
and the view of the bridge can slowly begin
to appear you drive over it and as you drive
for the other side you can still see the fog
covering the entire bay area
as the afternoon sun gets stronger
the fog blows away to return later that evening
the fog is what makes a city a special place.

Copyright ©2012  Francisco Alfredo Lopez