The Lake in the Valley

The Lake in the Valley  By, Francisco Alfredo Lopez

One clear and beautiful day where the sky
is as blue as a bluebirds head with the
shining hot sun pointing it rays all over the hills
and the mountains
the trees all looking so young, fresh and
healthy with all the green colored leaves
embracing them and the birds making their
nests and homes on them
in the middle of the forest there is a large
lake of water where the fish and the other
animals go to swim and eat any food
they find there sometimes boats of fishermen
visit to see if they can conjure up some fish
or other creatures for their morning catch
the scenery of the brown colored mountains
and the green colored forest gives it an
ultimate view that is not only heavenly but
also unforgettable that is why the
Lake in the Valley is a very special place to all.

Copyright ©2012  Francisco Alfredo Lopez